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Rotary Myths

Myth #1:
Rotary is a bunch of fat, bald, cigar smoking white men sitting around a table discussing business.

Today's Rotary is multi-cultural organization in over 220 countries in the world.  We are the single largest non-denominational charitable organization in the world.  We are composed of 26% women in the USA and 20% women world wide.  


Myth #2
Rotary is boring.

Meetings are entertaining and informative.  Members spend time with their friends as they also listen to interesting speakers inform them of issues and activities within their community.

Reality #2
Rotary is Fun!

Myth #3
You have to be a wealthy business owner to be a Rotarian.

Myth #4
I just don't have time for Rotary!

Reality #3
Rotarians come from all walks of life- business owners, retirees, educators, city and county workers, etc.

Members at our club are billed $15 per week for their meals and a small $10 charge per month for club expenses.

Members are encouraged to give to the Rotary Foundation but it is not mandatory.


Reality #4

As a morning club you will get off to work by 8:30 every Tuesday.  We also understand that sometimes meetings have to be missed due to work conflicts.

We have one fundraiser every year that takes up an afternoon of your time on a weekend.

Our social events are fun but not mandatory.


So now you know the reality of what Rotary is instead of the myths. Perhaps it is time to come to a meeting  and see what all the fun is about!  Give us a call or simply join us on a Tuesday morning at 7:15 in the Stockton Hilton at 2323 Grand Canal Blvd, Stockton 95207

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